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2019-09-13 - Swissline

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to those celebrating. Enjoy the mooncakes and keep your skin happy and glowing!

2019-08-31 - Swissline

Are you looking for a light cream which helps to reduce wrinkles? You are going to love our Cell Shock Light Cream. 💛⠀⠀⠀

2019-08-21 - Swissline

Dress your skin in green couture 💚, Swissline's oil-free skincare for a perfect, matt makeup base.

2019-08-05 - Swissline

“I use a LOT of different products, but Swissline is one of the very few brands whose products I will make repeated purchases of. Their products made a significant difference to my skin. Like the Diamond Serum… to a point when friends started asking me what I did cos my skin became even and glowy – and I wasn’t even wearing foundation, just sunblock!”

– thank you, Audrey @fourfeetnine, you look gorgeous!

2019-07-22 - Swissline

Our Cell Shock White Brightening Collection is rich in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that brightens the skin, shields it from the visible impact of pollution and boosts firmer and younger looking skin. A must have in your daily routine!

2019-07-19 - Swissline

Merging the best in anti-aging skincare with the most advanced brightening technologies, the products in this collection are gems… in fact, the star product, the Brightening Diamond Serum has real diamonds in it. 💎

2019-07-10 - Swissline

Your holiday essentials ☀😎 Cell Shock White HD Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF35 PA+ with a feather-light veil. Potent mineral sun protection factors, powerful anti-oxidants and anti-pollution agents keep the skin under a cocoon of purity that contributes to the overall “health” of the skin.

2019-06-21 - Swissline

Swissline's Cellular Eye Mask Complex, enriched with hyaluronic acid and caffeine, provides instant relief for the fatigued skin around the eye contour area, soothing and smoothing it, while reducing puffiness. ⠀⠀⠀

It contains 40 sheet eye masks – arguably the best value on the market!

2019-05-29 - Swissline

Nourishing and retexturing, our Cell Shock White Overnight Brightening-Power Cream works wonders while you sleep. Enriched with Enzyme Overnight Complex and Cellactel 2 White Complex, it reduces wrinkles, brightens the skin and fades pigmentation spots.

2019-05-28 - Swissline

Looking after combination skin is tricky. Some products leave your skin too oily, others dry it out. This enzymatic mask from Swissline is just right. It clears the skin really well without drying it, and even has moisturizing action. I’m very happy with this product.”

– lifestyle & beauty blogger @whatpollylikes. Thank you for a wonderful review!

2019-05-26 - Swissline

“A woman can never have too many shoes, just like there can never be too many treats in her beauty cabinet, especially when it comes to serums and creams. The more the better, and each one is essential. I always like to add new skincare to my collection, try something new”, - truth be told by a gorgeous actress Ekaterina Vulichenko @vulichenko from Russia. ⠀


Try something new today!⠀

2019-05-23 - Swissline

"A recent addition to my cleanser family and I am absolutely obsessed! I always double cleanse in the evening since I’m removing makeup most of the time and find that this cleanser gets rid of everything without striping my skin of the good oils. Added plus is that it probably has the best smell of all the Swissline products, which says a lot."

- what a great feedback from @supaldesai_ .

2019-05-21 - Swissline

A hydrating botanical mask, such as the Force Vitale Hydra Soothing Mask, is a must-have. This particular mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it hydrates and soothes the skin. Enriched with Swiss Alpine botanical extracts, the luxurious “milk” of the iris flower; and cucumber extracts, it instantly alleviates dryness and tightness while restoring the skin’s radiance. ⠀

2019-05-20 - Swissline

"No filters needed when you use Swissline’s Recovery Serum! Effortlessly countering the effects of skin senescence and urban lifestyles, this paraben-free and allergen-free serum will bring a luminous complexion to your skin."

- blogger and editor @nadeemode from Malaysia. Thank you for sharing your feedback. ⠀⠀

2019-05-09 - Swissline

Our luxurious creams and serums unlock the skin’s youthful glow, increasing firmness, radiance and resilience. What a better way to pamper your mother or a significant woman in your life.

2019-04-26 - Swissline

Revitalize and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with our Luxe-Lift Rich Cream. With high concentrations of pure marine collagen, colloidal gold and fibroin (protein from silk), among other ingredients, it helps to prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and protects the skin’s natural collagen, making it silky-soft. ⠀

2019-04-22 - Swissline

Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum 30 ml. This refreshing serum, deeply hydrates and energizes while helping to prevent signs of aging. It contains 24 different nutrients, antioxidants and hydrophilic agents working over a 24 hour period 💧

2019-04-07 - Swissline

Discover the new Youth Booster – Retinol + Retinyl Palmitate, the all-time star ingredient against wrinkles and discoloration. Paraben-free - Allergen-Free - Without Phenoxyethanol - Parfum-Free - Colour-free - Vegan - Cruelty-free. Formulated to mix into anything we can call skincare.

2019-04-03 - Swissline

Force Vital Corrective Eye Cream 15ml

This lightweight eye cream, with Alpine plant extracts and caffeine, is formulated to dramatically reduce the surface area, volume and density of wrinkles while tightening the eye contour area and smoothing out crow’s feet.

2019-03-30 - Swissline

Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening - Power Emulsion 50ml

The selfie-obsessed will love this light-to medium-textured moisturizer which is “liquid photoshop” for the skin, offering optical correction. The emulsion additionally brightens and safeguards the skin from urban stress and environmental assault, thanks to its antioxidants and anti-pollution agents.

2019-03-29 - Swissline

Force Vitale is a complete line of highly advanced botanical skin care products which addresses the specific needs of all skin types. It is positioned as a sophisticated problem-solving regimen and is suitable for all ages and skin types. From daytime protection to evening revitalization, this ultra luxurious line provides targeted care to visibly improve the skin’s texture and overall appearance.

2019-03-26 - Swissline

“Swiss know everything about watches… even how to make time go back! I tried the Light Cream from premium luxurious collection Cell Shock Luxe-Lift. The texture is truly weightless, like a gentle soft feather, offering an unforgettable sensuous experience.”

– style and beauty blogger @inna_ia.

2019-03-22 - Swissline

Cell Shock White Brightening Bi-Phase Veil contains potent mineral sun protection factors, powerful anti-oxidants and anti-pollution agents that keep the skin under a cocoon of purity that contributes to the overall “health” of the skin.🌟

2019-03-06 - Swissline

Find your augmented beauty means to you with our Cell Shock Age Intelligence™. It is paraben-free, allergen-free, phenoxyethanol-free, fragrance-free, colour-free, cruelty-free, vegan.

2019-03-04 - Swissline

Have you heard of Alpha-Arbutin? It’s a powerful ingredient, used in highest possible concentration in our Evenness Booster, that contributes to a reduction in the appearance of age-related spots. Mix few drops of the Evenness Booster in our Brightening Diamond Serum or Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion, rich in Vitamin C, for a stronger anti-spot action. Augment your beauty!⠀

2019-02-26 - Swissline

Try our Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing System for a complete overnight skin makeover. ⠀

  • Apply the high-performance, pre-treatment PM-Repair Booster at night-time before the cream. It contains pure retinol that increases cell turnover and exfoliation and stimulates collagen synthesis. ⠀
  • Follow with Youth-Inducing Cream, an all-in-one moisturizer with remarkable de-aging benefits.⠀

2019-02-14 - Swissline

"V" is for Valentine 💛

Say “I loVe you” with a beauty gift like no other. Containing V-Slimming Complex, Swiss Snow Algae and Collagen Chrono-Protector, this new generation leave-in mask sculpts and redesigns the oval “V” shape of the jawline and chin area, while lifting and firming the entire face, neck and décolleté.⠀

2019-02-05 - Swissline

Wishing you a very Happy New Year full of love to share, health to spare and friends to care!

2019-02-04 - Swissline

Happy Lunar New Year! May you have a bright year ahead… and a bright, glowing skin.

2019-02-01 - Swissline

Force Vitale Hydra Soothing Mask

A long-standing favourite with the eco warriors, this hydrating mask unites Swiss Alpine botanical extracts, the luxurious “Milk” of the Iris Flower and Cucumber extracts, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and soothe the skin. Within minutes, signs of dryness and tightness vanish and the skin has a healthy glow.

2019-01-28 - Swissline

Swissline Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Cream won the Best Face Lifting Cream award in Marie Claire #mclikes Beauty Awards 2018.

Rich in collagen, gold & silk, this luxurious cream visibly reduces wrinkles, while continually boosting cellular metabolism to revitalize and lift the skin.

2019-01-15 - Swissline

Hydrate, brighten the skin, bring back its glow and address those stubborn pigmentation spots with Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence Evenness Booster 2% Alpha-Arbutin. Mix few drops into the Facial Brightening Mask, rich in Vitamin C, and apply for 10-15 minutes for a brighter, spot-free complexion.

2019-01-09 - Swissline

Making plans for 2019? Make sure to include Swissline's Algae-Peptide Eye Mask on your “2019 New Things to Try” list 😉 Thanks to caffeine and marine collagen it instantly revitalizes the skin around the eyes, reducing puffiness and fatigue.

2019-01-01 - Swissline

Did you party through the night on the New Year’s Eve? Don’t let your skin show it. Our Radiance Booster 10% Vitamin C offers a perfect post-party skin recovery, making it more, vibrant and younger-looking. ⠀

Mix 2-3 drops of the Radiance Booster into your usual cream or serum and then apply it to the face. Who says you can’t party… and look great?! Augment your beauty!

2018-12-01 - Swissline

Hello 2019! A clean page for a fresh start. Here's to a glamorous year ahead!

2018-12-31 - Swissline

Get ready to sparkle on the New Year’s Eve. Use our Face and Eye Zone Lifting Complex to add an extra glow to your festive makeup, and go and party the night away!

2018-12-17 - Swissline

Why not give your loved ones a face cream that will make them smile and give their skin a glow?

Check out some of our most popular Swissline moisturizers.

2018-12-02 - Swissline

From serums, creams and masks that will suit all skin types to a fabulous all-encompassing gift set and a fail-safe beauty treatment gift voucher, you can’t go wrong when you rely on a tried-and-trusted brand, like Swissline.

2018-11-20 - Swissline


Smiles lines, frown lines, lip lines and crow’s feet often come with age… but so does wisdom!

As long as you are well informed on how to apply anti-wrinkle face and eye creams correctly - and understand which ones are the most effective - you can significantly reduce the tell-tale signs of aging.

Believe it, or not, there is a right and – conversely – a wrong way to apply anti-wrinkle creams. Key factors include when you apply the cream, how you apply it, and whether it is used in conjunction with other products or on its own.


Typically, anti-aging creams should be applied twice a day – first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening before bed.

If you want to maximize the effect of an anti-wrinkle cream, you must give the product enough time to be absorbed into your skin before applying any other products.


Prior to the application of an anti-aging cream, you must cleanse your skin to eliminate any dirt and oil on the face. Anti-aging creams should always be applied on a clean, dry face.

For anti-aging face creams, massage in circular movements over the face, descending down to the contours of the neck and décolleté. Face creams can be used after facial serums to maximize results.

For anti-aging eye creams, apply by dabbing onto the skin with "piano" touches. Start from the outer corner of the eye and move towards the nose.

With any remaining product on the fingers, follow over the eyebrow and under the eyebrow area in the opposite direction.

Eye creams can be used following eye serums, if desired.


Every anti-aging cream contains different active ingredients that can cause problems if you use more than the directed amount.

However, on the flip-side, formulas may become less effective if you don’t use enough. Read the product instructions carefully and use only as directed.


Now that you know how to apply anti-aging creams (and assuming you need them), there is no time better than the present to start using them!

Swissline offers results-oriented anti-aging face and eye creams, containing proven actives, such as hyaluronic acid and solubilized collagen, which can help you turn back the hands of time!

What are you waiting for? Shop our anti-aging creams and get started today.

2018-10-12 - Swissline

Air travel can take its toll on your skin causing dehydration, irritation and dull complexion. Restore your skin’s moisture balance and look fresh and radiant even after long travel with our new Age Intelligence Source Booster.

2018-09-23 - Swissline

The Birth of Augmented Beauty

Discover Cell Shock Age Intelligence™, a new generation of skincare designed to enhance the skin's self-repair mechanism, and in turn, boost its recovery potential. Our new, smart Recovery Serum, with purified molecules from Centella asiatica, ectoin and an award-winning cyclopeptide, augments the skin’s response to daily stress, jetlag, sun abuse, aesthetic procedures and serious partying.

Flexible and tailored, it will meet the needs of your skin.

2018-09-12 - Swissline

Proud to announce our most-loved Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum winning The Best Spa Product of the Year Award at SpaChina Awards 2018, the leading wellness, beauty and luxury living magazine in China. An amazing recognition for an amazing product!

2018-08-22 - Swissline

Keep your skin blooming with our Swissline Bloom Flash. A makeup primer and a true botanical wonder, it is enriched with the skin-friendly royal flowers – extracts of jasmine, orchids and roses. It conceals imperfections, improves skin tone and texture, while decreasing the signs of fatigue.⠀

2018-08-14 - Swissline

Swissline Cell Shock White

Holiday essential for a healthy skin.

2018-07-29 - Swissline

"While naming our two UV-shielding formulas as “veils“, we literally uncovered the feature which makes them outstanding! What I love about these two is that we can barely see or feel them, yet they are there to keep harmful UV stress away from the skin. What’s more, they are also shielding from urban pollution with the inclusion of probiotics and plankton extracts. Thanks to their veil texture – so much lighter than that of classic lotions, they can simply be mixed in the day cream in the palm of the hand, just before application, rather than layered."

- Custodio D'Avo, Swissline International Brand Director, shares his insights into our two best-loved products for the summer. ⠀

2018-07-05 - Swissline

Swissline Force Vitale collection

Our effortless hydration essentials for a radiant, glowing skin.

2018-07-24 - Swissline

Summertime often brings with it sun, surf and sand, not to mention, hot, humid weather. The latter can stimulate oil production in your skin's pores, leading to blemishes, acne flare-ups and shiny skin. To prevent this natural disaster, or stop it in its tracks, arm yourself with skin purifying products and a regimen that will rebalance your skin.

2018-07-10 - Swissline

Swissline Cell Shock White

Prevent UV induced skin pigmentation with our broad spectrum Cell Shock White Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35. Its mineral UV filters will physically protect your skin from UV radiation and pollution, preventing future pigmentation. Light enough to be mixed into foundation or CC Cream for satin-smooth application.

2018-06-24 - Swissline

Swissline Cell Shock

Prevent premature skin aging with our broad spectrum sun protection products from SPF 30 to SPF 50. Important throughout the year, and particularly on glorious summer days, they protect your skin from harmful UVA rays, preventing premature skin aging. ⠀

2018-06-19 - Swissline

Swissline Youth-Inducing Eye Cream

This eye cream for mature skins tackles lines and wrinkles with a bio-mimetic growth factor which activates dermal synthesis; loss of firmness is tackled by stem cells strengthening connective tissues for a firmer, more lifted look; uneven skin tone is battled with the RAB27A molecule which counteracts over-pigmentation; under-eye puffiness is counteracted by Hesperidin to decrease capillary permeability.

All this plus Cell Shock’s Cellactel 2 Complex that helps skin cells breathe, preserve energy, and metabolize more efficiently, while increasing collagen and elastin production.

2018-06-06 - Swissline

Welcome summer with our new Force Vitale Bloom Flash, the ultimate hybrid primer merging skincare, makeup and magic… with every application the hybrid formula, enriched with botanical extracts, conceals imperfections, improves skin tone and texture, while decreasing the signs of fatigue.

2018-05-27 - Swissline

Introducing our Algae-Peptide Eye Mask, that helps the fragile skin around the eyes to improve its density and resilience.

Generously infused with marine collagen peptides and Caffeine extracts, it improves improve the skin’s cellular capacity to bind hydration and increase cell nutrition, while improving micro-circulation and dramatically reducing puffiness.

2018-05-24 - Swissline

Follow our daytime collagen-rich anti-wrinkle routine to achieve younger-looking, radiant skin:

1. Apply our silky-smooth Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Serum over entire face for a visible line-filling effect.

2. Follow with luxurious infusion-serum Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum to recreate a perfect eye zone.

3. Finish with dewy Luxe-Lift Rich Cream fortified with Gold & Silk Complex to revitalize and lift the skin, leaving it silky-soft.