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2018-07-11 - Guinot

What is the difference between a cream, a mask & a serum?

A SERUM is a "booster", it is much more concentrated and it acts faster, deeper and lasts.

A MASK intensifies, it has an instant action.

A CREAM is a daily care, it provides protection.

The combination of these three products maintains a healthy skin.

Tip: To counter the effect of gravity, always apply the products from bottom to top of the face, and from the center outward....

2018-07-07 - Guinot

The 5 steps when you reach 50+

1. Skin is often dry, a sensation of light tugging. The solution: a good hydration. It is necessary to stimulate the production of collagen which gives elasticity to your skin. During the years following menopause, you will notice a loss of collagen: be advised!

2. It is imperative that you remove all traces of makeup every night by using a cleansing lotion that does not dry your skin.

3. Mature skin, loses tonicity, making it harder to fight against external aggressions. Thus benefitting from stimulating care treatments which lift the face contour will provide tonicity and volume to the skin.

4. Serums must be part of your regular routine.

5. The neck, décolleté and eye contour are fragile areas and must always be well moisturized with specific care products. It is usually where the signs of the age are most obvious.

2018-07-05 - Guinot

Guinot offers a Moisturizing Set that restores the skin’s elasticity, radiance and youthful appearance from the very first application. It contact 3 products, including the Hydra Cellulaire Serum that perfuses water to the core of the cells.

2018-06-21 - Guinot

Provide your skin with a moisture boost with Guinot's Sérum Hydra Cellulaire. It amplifies the treatment benefits of salon treatments.

Have you tried it yet?

2018-05-21 - Guinot

Guinot's Eye Lift Treatment is the ‘lifting’ treatment for the eyes. Using muscle stimulation, it reduces signs of aging fatigue such as wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles in the eyelid & eye contour area.

2018-05-03 - Guinot

Guinot's popular Youth Recovery Facial Age Summum treatment combines the manual anti-aging facial with the LIFT! to smooth fine lines & wrinkles to restore a youthful radiance using Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid & Pro-Collagen.

2018-04-29 - Guinot

Guinot’s anti-aging broad spectrum sun protections SPF30 and SPF20 effectively protect skin from sunburn, while fighting against the harmful effects of UVA/UVB and blue light that cause premature signs of aging.

2018-04-26 - Guinot

Hydra Finish revolutionizes the cosmetic science of moisturizing and tinted creams. The Guinot Hydra Finish cream is a complexion-enhancing moisturizer.

No more hesitation between different shades : Guinot’s Hydra Finish cream unifies the complexion and adapts to every skin tone. Its SPF15 protects the skin daily against UVA and UVB rays.

2018-04-12 - Guinot

Soft skin throughout the year!

Guinot’s Éclat Parfait Scrub for the face with double microbeads reveals a glowing complexion by eliminating dead skin cells. It comforts and protects the newly exfoliated epidermis with a protective film.

2018-04-04 - Guinot

Guinot offers the skin a breath of fresh air with this Bioxygene set.

Bye bye dull and tired complexion… Used in combination, these high-performance products deeply oxygenate the epidermis and beautify the face. The result: a visibly detoxified and healthy skin day after day.

2018-03-21 - Guinot


Clean Logic - dedicated makeup removers & cleansers are specifically designed to maintain the youthfulness of fragile skin.

  • The Cleansing care cream cleanses the skin while preserving the hydrolipidic film.
  • The Revitalising care lotion dynamizes the skin thanks to its soft exfoliating action.

2018-03-11 - Guinot

Thanks to a unique 3-step technique, the Guinot Hydra Peeling Treatment rejuvenates the skin. It erases visible signs of aging, adds radiance to the complexion, attenuates brown spots and brightens skin tone.

2018-02-28 - Guinot

Experience our advanced hands-on treatment to lift the face, neck & decollete. This revolutionary treatment restores facial features, lifts & plumps the skin & smooths the decollete.

The 4 phases of the treatment include:

  • double exfoliation with enzymatic and mechanical action,
  • lifting and firming massage,
  • filler that works as anti-wrinkle eraser having both biological & mechanical action,
  • face & decollete mask that instantly reshapes the face contour & provides immediate lifting effect.

2018-02-22 - Guinot

A tree with astonishing benefits.

The mahogany bark extract found in Guinot’s Lift Summum treatment products firms the skin!

It stimulates the synthesis of collagen XVIII, improves the elasticity and tone of the skin while fighting against sagging.

2018-02-18 - Guinot

With their high concentration of active ingredients, Guinot Serums penetrate the epidermis to address any beauty concern.

2018-02-12 - Guinot

Although applying a cream is often the 1st beauty step we think of, using an exfoliator on a regular basis & applying a face mask are steps we often neglect!

Elevate your skincare routine to obtain instantly smoother, more supple & more radiant skin!

Ask your Guinot Beauty Therapist @ Crystal Blue Spa for advice!

2018-01-25 - Guinot

Dry skin does not lack water but rather lipids (sebum). Symptoms of a dry skin:

  • Continuous pulling
  • A skin that is rough to the touch
  • “Crocodile skin” effect, visible dryness (peeling, desquamation...)
  • The face tends to show more signs of aging

Guinot's solution -- the Nourishing collection. It helps to repair the epidermis in depth & restore the hydrolipidic film & natural comfort.

2018-01-24 - Guinot

How to determine if you have dehydrated skin this season.

Dehydrated skin is simply lacking in water. Symptoms of dehydrated skin:

  • Occasional pulling
  • Tingling
  • Loss of suppleness
  • Sensation of discomfort
  • Fine lines due to dehydration can also appear around the eyes

As a general rule, skin tends to be more dehydrated in the winter.

Guinot's solution -- the Moisturizing collection. It protects the skin, replenishes water & smooths dehydration wrinkles.

2018-01-22 - Guinot

Anti-Dark Spot Ingredients

Phytic acid is an antioxidant derived from oat, wheat and barley. It has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents free radicals from forming and destroying cells. It refines and smooths skin texture.

2018-01-11 - Guinot

New Product / Innovation

Reduce the visible appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure and ageing with Guinot's new Anti-Dark Spot Youth Serum.

This innovative serum minimizes and lightens dark spots, rejuvenates the appearance of the skin by smoothing wrinkles and bringing a radiant and unified complexion while refining skin texture.

2018-12-18 - Guinot

Look beautiful this holiday season!

For a beautiful, radiant complexion for the holiday festivities, schedule your appointment for a Hydra Peeling treatment at your favorite Guinot spa!

2018-12-14 - Guinot

A beauty-filled Holiday Season with your beauty therapist!

2018-12-13 - Guinot

Derma Liss cream is a treatment that conceals wrinkles and refines the skin texture by tightening the pores, for an immediate youthful effect.

The filling spheres of hyaluronic acid fill and erase wrinkles while sustainably increasing hydration.

2018-12-05 - Guinot

Is there a difference between a makeup remover, a cleaner and a tonic lotion?

The makeup remover is used to remove makeup, of course! That is, remove the foundation, the powder, the blush. The cleanser, meanwhile, will remove pollution, sebum, perspiration, oxygenate the complexion, clean pores. It is important to combine makeup remover + cleanser to allow your skin to regenerate.

If you do not wear make-up, you can go directly to cleansing.

The tonic lotion is used to rinse the makeup remover and cleanser. It is important to avoid using water to prevent limescale residues on your skin, which will dry out and will be a barrier to the penetration of your products.

So, let’s remove make-up once a day, at night and cleanse and tone your skin twice a day, morning and evening!

2018-11-29 - Guinot

A little younger, longer thanks to Hydradermie from Guinot.

With age, the muscles work less, the skin loses tonicity and the oval of the face sags.

Hydradermie Lift works in depth by lifting and refining facial features by stimulating facial muscles and anti-aging drainage.

2018-11-27 - Guinot

Looking for the perfect Holiday gift? Visit a Guinot institute!

2018-11-20 - Guinot

Offer yourself a youthful look for the Holidays! The Eye Logic treatment brings refreshed eyes that look younger and brighter.

2018-11-12 - Guinot

For a fresh and exfoliated skin just in time for the holidays, Guinot’s BIOLOGIC EXFOLIATING GEL gently eliminates impurities and dead cells. It tightens pores, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

2018-11-04 - Guinot

Who am I?

I am a comprehensive and intensive 1-month program used both in the institute and at home that restores skin radiance and leaves the complexion glowing with youth and beauty.

2018-10-18 - Guinot

Regenerate the youth of your skin with the double performance Youth Set.

The Longue Vie Eye Cream 15ml and the Longue Vie Face Cream 50ml contain the Milieu de Vie Cellulaire, made up of 56 active biological ingredients vital to the existence of cells. The Milieu de Vie Cellulaire is used in hospitals to reconstitute skin, in particular during the care of seriously burned patients. It gets incomparable results in regards to cell regeneration, for visibly younger and firmer skin.

2018-10-11 - Guinot

“Deprogram” the logic of cellular ageing with this optimum efficiency tandem offered in a limited edition. Age Logic Eye Cream 15ml + Age Logic Face Cream 50ml.

Age Logic combines in a unique formula ATP, a natural biological molecule that provides the cellular energy necessary for the vital functions of cells with Actinergie that increases cellular oxygenation.

2018-10-01 - Guinot

Fall is a period of transition for the body and the skin. In fact, it is an excellent time to treat your weakened skin and to prepare for the coldest months of the year.

Our Fall essentials:

  • Hydra Tendre Soft Wash-Off Cleansing Cream
  • Youth Time Foundation
  • Red Logic Cream
  • Night logic Cream
  • Hydrazone Moisturizing Shower Cream

2018-09-20 - Guinot

4 Daily Steps To Keep Radiant And Healthy Skin:

1. Cleanse

2. Exfoliate once or twice a week

3. Moisturize

4. Apply a sunscreen

2018-09-17 - Guinot

The Hydra Peeling treatment is amazing to rid the skin of impurities, pollution, reduce dark spots and reactivate the natural production of collagen. The complexion regains its radiance.

2018-09-12 - Guinot

New Night Logic Cream

When I wake up, my skin feels refreshed and rested.

2018-09-01 - Guinot

Why use a tonic lotion morning and evening ?


  • It eliminates the last traces of makeup, impurities, dead cells.
  • It improves the regulation of the skin (hydration, sebum production).
  • It increases oxygenation and cellular regeneration.
  • It makes the skin fresh, clean and gives a radiant complexion.

Guinot offers tonic lotions adapted to each type of skin

2018-08-19 - Guinot

Why use a cleanser morning and evening?


  • Hard water can irritate your skin.
  • Impurities prevent the skin from oxygenating.
  • A poorly cleansed skin becomes more sensitive.

Guinot offers cleansing solutions adapted to each skin type.

2018-08-14 - Guinot

Guinot Duos Milk & Lotion

Cleansing and toning - two complementary steps for a radiant skin.

2018-07-26 - Guinot

Guinot Hydradermie Treatment

Leaves the complexion more radiant, deeply oxygenates and moisturizes the skin.

2018-07-15 - Guinot

Guinot Bioxygene Serum & Cream

Oxygenating duo for a healthy glow and radiance which protects skin from outside aggressions and reveals skin radiance.

2018-07-09 - Guinot

Guinot Body Duo

For well-hydrated, smooth and silky skin:

  • Easy Scrub
  • Hydrazone Body Lotion

2018-06-04 - Guinot

Guinot Hands & Lips Duo - A must-have for the summer.

Two products that will slide easily in your handbags... to take a delightful beauty break whenever, wherever.